About Us

FEEND Media is a digital media company based in Southern California that specializes in video production. We work with a variety of different industries offering pre-production, to production, to post-production services. Our versatility allows us to create commercials, viral content, short films, and wedding videos. Here at FEEND, we believe in teamwork, organization, and creativity. We’ll supply all of your visual needs.
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Kevin About Photo

Kevin Natividad
Creative Director

After Kevin graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Arts from New York Institute of Technology, he moved back to California to combine the creativity as well as the fortitude of both cultures. In his sophomore year of college he studied abroad in Nanjing, China for one semester where he was submersed in an eccentric environment while expanding his creativity of distinctive genres and eating delicious Chinese food. In his senior year he was given the Excellence in Filmmaking Award of his class along with graduating magna cum laude. During his leisure time he likes to play tennis, jam to instruments such as piano and guitar, and attempt to cook tasteful food.

Jerel Natividad
Executive Producer

Jerel graduated from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing having an emphasis in Brand Management. His career objective is to create engaging experiences, elevating brands, and is always looking for opportunities to collaborate. At FEEND Media, he is able to implement his business skills to organize pre-production work, schedule production, and meet post production deadlines while communicating with clients in a convenient and timely matter. On production days, Jerel helps the team with directing, shooting, and assisting however he can. During his leisure time, he likes to work out, ride bikes at the beach, race cars at the track, and spend time with his wonderful wife 😉 .

Aaron About Photo

Aaron Colley
Account Manager

Aaron’s passion for everything electronic and digital started at the age of 14. He began building gaming computers out of his bedroom and would flip them on eBay. After high school, Aaron got hired by the power company doing linework. He completed an intense apprenticeship and became a Journeyman Lineman in 2013. Knowing deep down that he was an entrepreneur, Aaron decided to take the leap of faith and leave his job to help with his brother’s video production business. By 2014, the two brothers were creating videos for members of the royal family from both Dubai and Qatar. Aaron enjoys listening to music, going to Glamis Sand Dunes, and hanging out with friends.

David About Photo

David Colley

While attending high school, David took a photography class that would forever change the way he looks at digital content. He started by shooting photos and videos for his friend’s off-road race team, which led him into filming for other professional teams such as Red Bull and Rockstar Energy. Knowing that he could also provide value to the corporate sponsors of the sport, David decided to step out of the off road racing scene and focus more on creating marketing content for corporate companies. In his spare time he likes to listen to music, enjoy the outdoors, travel, and spend time with his family.

Tam About Photo

Tam Lam
Director of Photography

Born and raised in Vietnam, Tam and his family migrated to America in November of 1999. In the new land of unlimited possibilities, Tam discovered skateboarding, which was his first passion and started filming skateboarding videos. This eventually led him to discover the art of cinematography. Driven by a lot of passion and with the camera as his perfect medium, Tam is now a professional visual storyteller who continues to help businesses and brands thrive by creating high-end digital content that are visually stimulating. During his leisure time he’s into nutrition, bodybuilding, and likes to go camping with his friends.

Tony About Photo

Karlo Morcilla

Born in the Philippines and migrated to America, Karlo grew up always trying new activities and hobbies. Until he got his hands on a camera, it quickly became a major part of his life. He continues to hone his skills in photography and cinematography to strive to be the best visual storyteller. Whether if it’s for companies or personal projects, Karlo puts all his efforts into creating the most impactful content he possibly can. In his spare time he likes to explore new places, practice his craft, watch movies and shows, and spend time with his family and girlfriend.

Dan About Photo

Dan Vo
Digital Marketing Manager

Dan graduated from the California State University, Long Beach. Shortly after graduating, he took off to backpack throughout Southeast Asia for several years, cementing his love for random adventures. Since returning back to the States, he has worked on brand management and development, with an emphasis on public personas. Dan’s primary functions with FEEND Media involve creative problem solving and content building for a client’s marketing needs. When he is not working, he is dissecting the meanings of movies too seriously, yelling at bad play calls during football games, or getting lost with friends.