Behind The Scenes | Father’s Day Video at K1 Speed Irvine!

What’s going on everybody! It’s Jaybee again, and this week I was with the Feend Media team at K1 Speed in Irvine, CA. It wasn’t your normal day at the K1 Speed track because this time around, we shot a short video specifically for Father’s Day (which at this very moment, will be coming around the corner on Sunday)! The difference was, the go-kart itself wasn’t actually racing or even moving per se. We got a desk, a laptop, and other typical office supplies to imitate what you would normally see on a desk in an office cubicle – minus the bland colors.



The idea behind our video was to show that K1 Speed is the go to fun time place to rid your boredom and upset your usual routine with something that is exciting, fast-paced, and great for family & friends to bond with! A lot of us get so caught up with whatever our work is day in and day out and we forget that every so often, you gotta take a break and ironically enough, speed things up behind the wheel of a go-kart. You never know when you have the need for speed, and at K1, that need is duly satisfied. The tracks at the Irvine location are generously large and it really makes for a heart-pumping racing event.


Matt Burgos, the current K1 Speed Irvine Manager, was awesome enough to be our acting talent for the video and he did an amazing job! There wasn’t any dialogue (coming from him, anyway). He captured perfectly the expressions and physical acting we needed to bring this video idea to life, and after reviewing the footage, we couldn’t be happier! I was able to snap some behind-the-scenes photos of how our setup was and how cool it was to film our shots on the actual track itself, instead of on the sidelines.


Not sure what to do with your Dad this coming Father’s Day? Come out to any of the K1 Speed Go-Kart locations and when you buy one race, you’ll get a free race for your Dad! Pretty cool huh?

Check out our BTS photos below! Thanks for reading and we hope you come back again for our next post!








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