Extreme Dimensions Videoshoot at the Horse Thief Mile Track

The FEEND Media team had the amazing opportunity to shoot the Extreme Dimensions Carbon Creations products at the Horse Thief Mile track in Rosamond, California. The drivers for that day were Formula Drift Professional drifter Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis as well as a handful of specially selected drivers to run the entire track “time attack” style. Kevin Natividad and brother Ryan Natividad both handled the cinematography for the day and had to carefully plan on where to be to get the best angles of the cars going around the track. The FEEND Media producer Jerel Natividad helped coordinate with the drivers the particular lines that they need to drive for the best video shots.


As you can see in the above photos, the FEEND team utilized tripods, their trusty DJI Ronin, the DJI Phantom 3 drone, and even a shoulder rig. In order to capture a variety of shots, numerous tools had to have been used to really allow the creativity to flow for editing purposes. With a lot of video edits, it’s always safer to have an abundance of shots over not enough shots. You never know what you might find useful or not as useful in the final edit.

Odi Bakchis was, of course, ripping his tires apart the entire day and it was surely amazing. Not many people get to experience an up close and personal view of a professional drifter in action, much less be able to film and direct the drifter in any fashion needed.


Aside from the awesomeness of Odi, Extreme Dimensions had their very special Carbon Creations products that we shot in conjunction with the drivers to show the lightness and sheer strength of the carbon fiber pieces. Replacing certain body pieces of a car with carbon fiber drastically reduces the weight of the entire car as well as add extra reinforcements for aggressive driving. Extreme Dimensions really outdid themselves with their Carbon Creations body panels as they proved to among the best products in the world.




With such a big track Horse Thief Mile, it’s absolutely imperative that we utilize the DJI Phantom drone to truly show the epic landscaping of the track. This track is pretty much in the middle of a desert on top of a small mountain and it’s quite a marvel to see this track through the eyes of the camera on the drone.


Check out these shots the FEEND team were able to get of the other cars that were gripping Horse Thief Mile and hitting that apex perfectly!



American muscle will never cease to amaze us and no matter how you look at them, they just seem to be endlessly gorgeous!



Thanks again for reading! The FEEND Media team will be back soon with another shoot and once again, stay tuned for next week’s blog!

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