Shooting TSW Wheels at the FEEND Media Studio

There are countless wheel companies out there that all claim to be of the best quality and look the best on not just your car, but any other car in the market. Most wheels fall short of one of those two things, which is a bit depressing considering how far our mechanical engineering and technology as advanced throughout the last few decades. One of the few exceptions that meet both 10/10 quality and impressive, jaw-dropping designs are the TSW wheels.

TSW - Rotary Forging Draft #1.00_01_07_16.Still002

TSW Wheels have their very own process of producing their wheels known as “rotary forging”. It’s a very unique process in which the outer lip of the rim is heated and stretched across the wheel barrel and cooled soon after to created not only the lightest wheel, but one of the strongest available in the aftermarket community today.

TSW - Rotary Forging Draft #1.00_01_21_27.Still003

At the FEEND studio, we were generously loaned two of TSW Wheels most popular and in demand wheels – the Nurburgring and the Bathurst. Both these wheels have one-of-a-kind characteristics and will look amazingly gorgeous on just about any car with the right sizes and specifications. The intricate lines of the spokes infused with the smoothness of the wheel’s blueprint showcase a very eye-popping finish that is sure to make anybody nearby stop walking just to stare.

TSW - Rotary Forging Draft #1.00_00_19_13.Still001

TSW - Rotary Forging Draft #1.00_00_03_06.Still004

Our setup was for shooting the wheels were fairly simple; we place the wheel straight up and flat on a table with a black cloth on it with a black backdrop behind the table all while having two large LED panel lights shine on it from different angles.


Each cinematographer is different, and Kevin & Jaybee worked together to get a wide variety of dynamic and epic shots to show off the beauty of the wheels. With one of them holding the light and moving it physically to switching off the camera between the DJI Ronin and a traditional tripod, the diversity of the video shoot was definitely complex.

Overall, it was a great videoshoot and the whole team managed to get all the shots they needed for a truly creative piece of artistic work. The video will be finished soon so stick around!

Once again, thanks for reading and more blog content to be added next week!

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