MSTR’s Lexus IS-F

FEEND Media began its first in a series of videos documenting the transformation of MSTR’s Lexus IS-F from bone stock to track beast, before its debut at SEMA as a show car. We met up with the originators of the watch company at their office in City of Industry.


MSTR has been established for five years. Their watches are a popular accessory with streetwear enthusiasts and endorsed by athletes from the likes of Anderson Silva and Ray Allen.



In California geography, the city and mother nature are never too far from one another. A short trip south of MSTR’s office and we were whisked away to a verdant canyon.



At a turnoff somewhere between starting points, we positioned the IS-F just in front of a falling sun for photos and videos. With its hairpin turns and drifter dream bends, Turnbull canyon is a popular place for a lot of modified cars. A photoshoot on the canyon definitely attracted attention as some of the vehicles came roaring past…again, and again, and again.


The sun came down and we turned back to the city for lights. We stopped at one of the many office corridors that dominate City of Industry and began work on the second shoot.


With shots from the first day complete, it’s back to the office to plan where this is going next.


Photographer: Kevin Natividad
Videographer: Jerel Natividad
Written by: Dan Vo

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