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Shooting TSW Wheels at the FEEND Media Studio

There are countless wheel companies out there that all claim to be of the best quality and look the best on not just your car, but any other car in the market. Most wheels fall short of one of those two things, which is a bit depressing considering how far our mechanical engineering and technology as advanced throughout the last few decades. One of the few exceptions that meet both 10/10 quality and impressive, jaw-dropping designs are the TSW wheels.

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Black Rhino Wheels – Jeep Wrangler

Most people nowadays believe that a nice set of wheels only belong on track cars, drift cars, and show cars. Nice wheels accentuate the car and really brings out the personality and the soul the moving machine has to exude in the outside world. Whether you’re into anything automotive, a car lover is a car lover. Enthusiasm is enthusiasm. The Jeep Wrangler is definitely no exception when it comes to being a prime choice for modified cars. It doesn’t matter what type of automotive community you fall under because all that matters is if you can truly appreciate a car’s beauty or not. That’s where a gorgeous set of aftermarket wheels come into play. Black Rhino really stepped their game up this season and has graced the world with a new model to highlight the Jeep Wrangler.

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Camera Insight – Shooting the PSUCA 2016 Graduation!

It’s that time of the year where students finish the grueling, sometimes sleepless nights of studying for what would appear to be endless tests and countless questions. But assuredly enough, all the learning and filling the mind up with knowledge brings forward the new generation of professionals and brilliant souls.


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BTS: Crossfit athlete and model, Stephanie Perez


This past weekend we were invited to do some behind-the-scenes work for crossfit spokesmodel and athlete, Stephanie Perez.

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MSTR x B. Scott Collaboration

FEEND Media was invited to film and record the MSTR x B. Scott collaboration party. The two Southern California fashion brands came together to release a series of camo themed pieces, including a watch, t-shirt, and ring.


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MSTR’s Lexus IS-F

FEEND Media began its first in a series of videos documenting the transformation of MSTR’s Lexus IS-F from bone stock to track beast, before its debut at SEMA as a show car. We met up with the originators of the watch company at their office in City of Industry.


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