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Shooting Brittney & Jon’s Very Special Wedding

In every person’s life comes that one day that will be the new beginning to the rest of your life. Every moment that has led up to this one special day all comes together to make complete and total sense because they’ve all led you to the person you want to give your heart, mind, body, and soul to. That special day is known as your wedding day and it’s a day that marks the end of one book and the opening of another awaiting to be written with love, excitement, adventure, and passion.

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Michael & Chiara’s Engagement Photoshoot

For most of us, we see a photo of somebody we know personally and can instantly recall a memory of that person. You may have spent significant time with that particular person and seeing that photo reminds you of how much love there is in the friendship or romantic relationship. Recently, Kevin Natividad and Jay Bala shot an engagement photoshoot of a couple who have been together for probably nearly a decade. While shooting those photos, Kevin and Jay really felt the love that Michael and Chiara share for each other.

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