Michael & Chiara’s Engagement Photoshoot

For most of us, we see a photo of somebody we know personally and can instantly recall a memory of that person. You may have spent significant time with that particular person and seeing that photo reminds you of how much love there is in the friendship or romantic relationship. Recently, Kevin Natividad and Jay Bala shot an engagement photoshoot of a couple who have been together for probably nearly a decade. While shooting those photos, Kevin and Jay really felt the love that Michael and Chiara share for each other.


Without even knowing them on a personal level (and by that we mean regularly visited people in your lives), we can already see that Michael and Chiara were made for each other. They are high school sweethearts and, like all relationships, have had their own ups and downs. Regardless, they knew in their hearts that they were meant to be together to love, cherish, and grow as both a couple and as individuals.


Kevin and Jay went to the Santa Ana Train Station in Santa Ana, CA and there were no people there. The weather was beautiful, the sun was warm, and the atmosphere was peaceful and pleasant. Kevin was the lead photographer and Jay assisted with certain lighting and framing aspects to make the shot more dynamic and dramatic. Using as much of the “golden hour” of natural sunlight as possible, the two of them were able to capture a perfect composition in a variety of shots. They were outdoors, indoors, and even by the train tracks. In the photos, you see that a visually appealing silhouette was one of the best shots of the album and is almost majestic, if you will.


Time flew by as the shoot continued and before they knew it, it was the evening already. What would feel like a few special moments in the window of their lives would actually prove to be a few hours. To us, that translates to physically seeing the love they share for each other transcend through time. Kevin & Jay look back on their photos and instantly, automatically, the warmth and endearing feeling of intimacy between two people in love shines.


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