Shooting Brittney & Jon’s Very Special Wedding

In every person’s life comes that one day that will be the new beginning to the rest of your life. Every moment that has led up to this one special day all comes together to make complete and total sense because they’ve all led you to the person you want to give your heart, mind, body, and soul to. That special day is known as your wedding day and it’s a day that marks the end of one book and the opening of another awaiting to be written with love, excitement, adventure, and passion.


The first part of the day is probably one of the most crucial, probably stressful (for the bride, at least), but still very exciting. Kevin Natividad and Tony Dyleuth got to create very intricate and intimate shots of the wedding dress all by itself and Jaybee Valledor managed to capture close up shots of the bride’s jewelry, shoes, and veil.


All the bridesmaids gathered together to do a little pre-game wedding toast and Kevin was able to capture this moment with the ladies through his camera. With her make-up done and her girls by her side, Brittney looked glamorous, graceful and stoked to move forward into the ceremony.

A little while later, Jaybee and Tony head out to the Embassy Suites hotel in Glendale, CA to film the guys getting ready and it was relatively relaxed on their end. Men don’t have too much to stress out when it comes to putting their clothes on and having their ties and bow ties set up. They even managed to get in a few shots together as guys to ease the pre-wedding jitters. The groom himself, Jon, was more anxious than worried. He was about ready to get to the ceremony and had the greatest look of confidence heading into the world with a soon-to-be wife.


The ceremony and reception both took place in the city of Glendale, CA and both were magnificent. The ceremony was held at the Japanese Friendship Garden and the surrounding scenery could not have been more perfect for two people to exchange vows and become united in marriage.


With an outdoor setting, the beauty of the natural world incorporated with the celebration of two people’s love encompassed the entirety. The wind was breezing but not blowing hard enough to annoy you; the sun was high but the heat wasn’t unbearable; the trees were swaying swiftly like a slow motion dancer moving to the sounds of nature. Everybody was soaking in the purity of the ceremony and even while the FEEND Team was filming, the love was felt in the air cruising in between each person.


Tony Dyleuth was filming a master shot of the entire ceremony getting the larger picture with a mix of zoomed in, close-up shots of particularly the bride & groom. With Tony’s shots, were able to see the grandness of the garden, the beautiful environment the ceremony was set in, and “the kiss” right down the aisle.


Kevin Natividad had the monopod with the A7sii mounted and with that set up managed to produce some uniquely creative shots of the bride, groom, and the bridesmaids & groomsmen. Along with the two camera set-ups, Kevin also brought out the drone for his signature establishing aerial shot that defines the beginning of a scene.


Jaybee Valledor stuck with his trusty DJI Ronin and filmed dynamic shots of all angles and axis to add more flare to the edit. Overall, the ceremony went well and the three camera setup was ideal in every aspect.

Now, this part of the day is the day that not only the newlyweds look forward to, but the rest of the invitees of the wedding. The ceremony is long finished and Brittney & Jon are now offically married, officially. The evening comes and people are anxious for what’s next to happen. This is the time of the event where the really party begins, the real celebration where everyone can participate and have an awesome time. The venue itself wasn’t very far from the Gardens where the ceremony was held.


In fact, right when the FEEND Team got inside the venue, the tables were filled with people and the waiters were already serving the appetizers as well as the DJ spinning his turntables. Having thought “are we late?”, we eventually realized that people were just extra early.

The actual beginning of the reception was a whole other event all on its own. In true Arab fashion, the bride and groom plus the bridesmaids and groomsmen as well as the parents and godparents of the bride and groom entered through the doors with live cultured drummers beating their drums loudly for the whole block to hear. Jaybee Valledor was able to encapsulate this intense, excited, totally crazy but awesome entrance with a low-held DJI Ronin complete with a Sony A7sii and a wide angle focal length.


Everybody inside the venue was jumping, dancing, singing, making their own array of noises in celebration of the newlyweds. It truly was an over-the-top, super loud, happy and joyful beginning to the reception.


All throughout the night, there was a mix of high-energy, fast-paced, fast beat music that got every single person at the venue off the seats and on their feet. There were rarely moments of rest as the three dance marathons throughout the night lasted somewhere between one to two hours, each. Classically, of course, the newlyweds must have their own first dance together and it was as if we were watching a live scene from the Disney film “Aladdin” (1992).


In between the dance sessions, there were traditional marriage events occurring such as the cutting of the cake, tossing of the bride’s flowers and the bride’s garter, and touching speeches by the siblings and relatives of the newlyweds.


It was an awesome and memorable reception and everyone had one of the best nights of their lives.

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