Black Rhino Wheels – Jeep Wrangler

Most people nowadays believe that a nice set of wheels only belong on track cars, drift cars, and show cars. Nice wheels accentuate the car and really brings out the personality and the soul the moving machine has to exude in the outside world. Whether you’re into anything automotive, a car lover is a car lover. Enthusiasm is enthusiasm. The Jeep Wrangler is definitely no exception when it comes to being a prime choice for modified cars. It doesn’t matter what type of automotive community you fall under because all that matters is if you can truly appreciate a car’s beauty or not. That’s where a gorgeous set of aftermarket wheels come into play. Black Rhino really stepped their game up this season and has graced the world with a new model to highlight the Jeep Wrangler.


The FEEND Media team had the opportunity to do a full video and photoshoot of a stunning black custom modified Jeep Wrangler complete with upgraded suspension and Black Rhino aftermarket wheels. Traveling deep into Orange County, Toluca Canyon was athe perfect choice of environment to put t he Jeep at its natural state: off-road.


At first glance, the sight of these wheels from a distance aren’t as noticeable but the closer you move in, the more they stand out. Our Creative Director, Kevin, got up close and personal with not just the car but with the wheels also and he was able to really capture the essence of the wheels and the wheels on the car and even the the car as a whole. Alongside Kevin, FEEND Media’s newest addition, Tony, was also out shadowing the camera techniques Kevin was using. He’s got a natural talent for seeing a particular imagined shot through the eyes of a camera and its lens and the team couldn’t be more stoked to have him aboard.


Jaybee was hard at work getting not just behind-the-scenes shots of the entire area with the team, but was also taking photos of the Jeep itself. With experience shooting “magazine style” photos of all kinds of cars, it was fitting for him to put his talents to good use and capture some amazing stills and close-ups of the sexy details of this Jeep Wrangler. Shooting photos of the Black Rhino Wheels was priority so of course those needed to get the most attention.


Our producer and production manager, Jerel, was working closely with the owner/driver of the Jeep with how exactly it should be positioned for a certain shot that Tony, Kevin, and Jaybee needed for their future edits. The location of our production was crucial to level of quality of media the FEEND team wanted to produce and when we finally found the perfect spots, Jerel was on top of his game every step of the way to ensure that our video and photos were of the best, absolute caliber they could possibly be. Some of the shots that the team produced were from his creative mind.


There are many amazing features of this Wrangler but our task as a team was to express the allure of the Black Rhino aftermarket wheels for the Jeep. Not only does this particular model of wheel look awesome, but the Black Rhino brand is one of the strongest and most durable wheels out there for any off-road vehicle. Looking at these photos, you would think that this car was modified to stay indoors but assuredly enough, this is not just a show car. This gorgeous piece of machinery can do all the off-road antics you would expect, and more, from a car meant for harsh conditions.


It might look like we all were in different locations, but these spots are really just a 5-10 minute drive from each other. Somewhat close, you could say. Getting videos of the Jeep actually moving over dirt mounds, small hills, boulders, and in & out of dips was very fun to watch. Truly, the history of the Jeep Wrangler is so culminated into this current model that it’s almost a no-brainer that this is the car to get when making a detour into the wilderness.


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